The Worst BreakUp Ever: MUAC 5 Acid Body Peel.

MUAC 5 Acid Body Peel

MUAC 5 Acid Body Peel

This is the last product that I got from Make Up Artist’s Choice.  It is their 5 Acid Body Peel.  I bought this to hopefully tighten my skin.  This product was pretty much a dud.  It did absolutely nothing.

The MUAC 5 Acid Body Peel comes in a 1oz black bottle with a pump.  It is a very thick serum that despite its viscosity, is very spreadable and a little goes a long way.

MUAC 5 Acid Body Peel is comprised of a mixture of acids and smells strongly of such.  When I used this product I used it two ways.  First I used it on my knees and elbows.  It did nothing to lighten them over the month or so that I used it that way.  Then I used it on my neck to tighten my neck and it also did nothing to firm or tighten my skin there either. The body peel did sting and tingle; so I know that there was something going on, but the product just didn’t deliver.

MUAC 5 Acid Body Peel Ingredients.

MUAC 5 Acid Body Peel’s Ingredients.

I would not repurchase this product.  I have decided to focus more on Korean bodycare products.

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