Best of 2017 – Korean, Taiwanese, & American Skincare Products!

I am so behind on these reviews and still trying to play catch up!  Here is a list of my favorite products from 2017!

Best of 2017!

Nail Polish:  Essie Mink Muffs, Espoir Fashion Nail Mistress, ILNP Citrus Punch, ILNP Lights Out, & Apieu Lasting Orange.

Wash Off Mask:  Annie’s Way Arbutin and Red Wine masks.

Sheet Masks:  Illi Lotus Moisturizing Mask and My Beauty Diary Traneximic Acid mask.

Toner:  Mizon Bulgarian Rose.

Essence:  Skinfood Honey Propolis Essence.

Serum & Cream:  BRTC First Ampoule Essence and Cream.

Foundation:  Laneige cushion.

Lipstick:  Skinfood Plum Mellow Glow Stick.

Conditioners:  Naturelle Grow Hibiscus leave in and Chamomile Deep conditioner.

Stay tuned for my more in depth reviews!

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